Meeting: County Board – Click here for resolutions

Meeting Date/Time: February 20, 2024 9:30 am
Committee(s): County Board
Location County Board Meeting Room - 2nd Floor Oneida County Courthouse
Streaming is being offered as a convenience to view this meeting. Remote participation is not allowed
If streaming functionality drops, the meeting will continue in-person at the location listed above.
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Broadband Update
Human Service Structure Update.February 2024
Res # 17-2024 Convey LY-420-1 to Heinitz
Res # 18-2024 Convey MI-2257-2 to Alesauskas
Res # 19-2024 Convey ST-208-2 to Jones
Res # 20-2024 Convey LR-181-1 to Bertram
Res # 21-2024 Convey TL-1135-15 to Miller
Res # 22-2024 Convey PE-76-7 to Berger
Res # 23-2024 Convey PE-46-4 to Cichocki
Res # 24-2024 Return Funds to ARPA Contingency
Res # 25-2024 ARPA Funds for Back Indexing Online Tract with ROD
Res # 26-2024 ARPA Funds to Replace MDCs
Res # 27-2024 ARPA Funds for Paperless Meetings Initiative
Res # 28-2024 ARPA Funds to create a Comprehensive Printed Map Booklet
Res # 29-2024 Purchase Excavator for 119,250.00
Res # 30-2024 Reorganize positions at the Solid Waste Department
Res # 31-2024 Amend the 1984 Joint Cty Human Services Agreement
Res # 32-2024 OA # 02-2024 Create Executive Committee