Meeting: County Board – Click here for resolutions

Meeting Date/Time: November 14, 2023 9:30 am
Committee(s): County Board
Location County Board Meeting Room - 2nd Floor Oneida County Courthouse
Streaming is being offered as a convenience to view this meeting. Remote participation is not allowed
If streaming functionality drops, the meeting will continue in-person at the location listed above.
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Additional Information:

Res # 92-2023 Convey Excess Lands to Bart and Adair Sexton
Res # 94-2023 Convey Excess Lands to Karl Berger
Res # 93-2023 Convey Excess Lands to Steven and Patrise Ory
Res # 95-2023 Convey Excess Lands to Karl and Jennifer Berger
Res # 96-2023 Designate Oneida County Public Depositories
Res # 97-2023 Cancel Stale Dated Checks
Res # 98-2023 Delegate Oneida County Investment Authority
Res # 99-2023 Town of Stella Bridge Aid
Res # 100-2023 Approve Oneida-Vilas Transit Commission to Borrow Funds
Res # 101-2023 Request the State of WI review Policy of Foreign Ownership of Farmland
Res # 102-2023 Convey Lands to State of WI DNR
Res # 103-2023 Rezone Petition # 04-2023 Recommending Denial
Res # 104-2023 Bond Project Fund Disbursement and Oversight
Res # 105-2023 CLFRF Funds for the Purpose of Polycom Video Conferencing in Court Systems
Res # 106-2023 Create County Transition Oversight Panel of Tri-County Human Services Board
Res # 107-2023 Funding to hire a Consultant HSC Continuity of Services
Res # 108-2023 Create Full Time Tech Support Position for Sheriff’s Office
Res # 109-2023 Provide general Wage Increase for Municipal Employees
Res # 110-2023 Approve 2024 Budget and 2023 Tax Levy Collected in 2024
2024 Oneida County Proposed Budget