Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I collect rocks, prospect for precious metals or gather live plants/flowers?

Collection or removal of materials such as but not limited to: nuts, fruits, berries, driftwood, wild flowers, mosses or mushrooms for resale or commercial purposes is prohibited. Picking nuts or edible fruits for personal consumption is permitted. Transplanting of live trees, plants, flowers, etc. is prohibited.

Can I purchase sand or gravel from County Forest pits?

No, County Forest gravel pits provide material to maintain county forest roads, trails and county sponsored projects.

Are there any trails accessible for persons with disabilities?

Oneida County maintains three trail systems that were specifically developed to provide disabled citizens reasonable access into the County Forest. These trails are distributed throughout the Oneida County Forest with one trail located in each of the County Forest Blocks (i.e. Enterprise, Cassian/Woodboro, and Lynne/Little Rice).

Uses of these areas include, but are not limited to: hunting, berry picking, bird watching and sight-seeing. In order to qualify for a Disabled Access Trail Permit, a person must hold a valid WDNR Class A or Class B disability identification card as defined by WI State Statutes. County Forest Disabled Access Trail Permits are valid for one year at no cost, with the optional use of a gate key available for a deposit of $50.00.

Are horses allowed on County Forest Trails?

All County Forest roads and trails are open to horseback riding except for trails limited to Silent Sports (ski, bike, snowshoe) or designated for other special uses. Trails signed for walking only or Hunter/Hiking are also open to horseback riding. Oneida County currently does not have designated horseback riding trails. Horseback riding is permitted from May 1st to November 1st on snowmobile or cross-country ski trails that are not designated as summer ATV/UTV or bike trails.

Are motorcycles allowed in the County Forest?

Motorcycles, both off-road and street-legal, are allowed on forest trails and logging roads in the County Forest. If street legal, motorcycles are also allowed on County Forest roads. Motorcycles are not allowed on designated ATV/UTV trails or on groomed snowmobile trails.

Any attempt to circumvent a gate, sign, earthen berm, or other similar blockade with any motorized vehicle is prohibited.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on silent sports trails except Class 1 and 2 e-bikes as defined in state statute 340.01 (15ph) and those used for inspection, maintenance, or as authorized by the Forestry Department.

No person shall drive any four-wheel drive vehicle, passenger car or truck, off-road vehicle, all-terrain vehicle or motorcycle on any designated snowmobile trails without the written permission of the Forestry Department, except for approved trail maintenance activities.