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Departmental Plans

2022 Annual Report                                                           2024 Annual Work Plan
2021 Annual Report                                                           2023 Annual Work Plan
2020 Annual Report                                                           2022 Annual Work Plan
2019 Annual Report                                                           2021 Annual Work Plan
2018 Annual Report                                                           2020 Annual Work Plan

2023-2028 Outdoor Recreation Plan

The Outdoor Recreation Plan (ORP) focuses upon FLORD managed outdoor recreation facilities, but will also list projects within the towns. All listed projects become eligible for competitive federal and state outdoor recreation grant money when this plan is adopted by the local municipality. Once the county adopts the plan, then it may apply for project funding.

This Outdoor Recreation Plan:
1) Assesses the existing recreation system in Oneida County;
2) Identifies recreation needs based upon public input, past plans, and recreation standards; and 
3) Establishes recommendations for improving the recreation system over the next five years.

Submission of this report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) establishes eligibility for the County and local units of government for a variety of Federal and State Aids to purchase land and to add facilities to existing outdoor recreation lands. The Oneida County Outdoor Recreation Plan is required to apply for Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and Wisconsin Stewardship Grant funding.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

Towns may choose to adopt this plan too.

15 Year Comprehensive Land Use Plan (2021-2035)

The Oneida County Forest’s 15 Year Comprehensive Land Use Plan covers the period from 2021until 2035. The Plan outlines the management of all aspects of the County Forest and Outdoor Recreation programs. Please click the link above to view the current plan. During the 15 year span of this plan, updates to the plan may be made. These updates will be posted on this website and available from the Oneida County Forestry Office. Copies of the 15 Year Comprehensive Land Use Plan are available at: Oneida County Forestry Office, Room B206 Oneida County Courthouse, Rhinelander, WI 54501 Phone: (715) 369-6140