Commonly Used Forms

Listed below are some of the forms that are commonly requested by veterans. These forms are being made available in case coming to our office during our working hours is difficult for you; however, we are here to help you with them if you prefer that.

If you complete the forms on your own, we do recommend you bring them to us and let us submit them. Often times, we have ways of submitting them faster than by mail.

VA Forms

  • Statement in Support of Claim
  • Change of Address
  • Change/Enrollment of Direct Deposit
  • Add or Remove Dependents
  • Intent to File
  • VA Backed Home Loan Certificate of Eligibility
  • Release of VA health record to private medical facilities (This is required for sharing information when using Community Care)

Federal Forms

  • Request for Military Record
  • National Disabled Veteran Parks and Trail Pass

Wisconsin State Forms

  • State Park and Trail Pass
  • Driver’s License Veteran Identifier
  • Assistance to Needy Veteran Grant for Healthcare