State Veteran Homes

Wisconsin has three Veteran Homes.


For the purposes of admissions eligibility, a “veteran” is defined as:

  • A person who has served on active duty during peacetime for two or more years or the full period of their initial obligation, or
  • A person who served on active duty for at least 90 days, one of which must have been during a wartime period, and
  • A person who served and was discharged from the armed forces under honorable conditions.
  • Spouses of veterans and parents of veterans who were killed on active duty are also eligible to apply.

The following general and subcategory priorities will be used when processing applications for admission:

General Priorities:

  • First Priority:  veterans 
  • Second Priority:  spouses of veterans 
  • Third Priority:   spouses of deceased veterans 
  • Fourth Priority:  parents of veterans who were killed on active duty​

Sub-category Priorities: 

Within each of the above general priorities these sub-category priorities will be applied when processing applications for admission:

  • Provide first priority to eligible applicants who have resided in the state of Wisconsin for more than six continuous months prior to the date of application for membership,
  • Provide second priority to eligible applicants who are residents on the date of application and who have been residing continuously in the state of Wisconsin for a period of six months or less immediately preceding the date of application for membership,
  • Provide third priority to eligible applicants who reside out-of-state on the date of application for membership.

Cost ​o​f Care​

Private Pay

Members who are able to pay for the total cost of their care will be billed monthly. Each member has the right to manage his or her own personal funds.

Medicare / Medicaid

Members who are unable to pay the cost of their care may be eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Please note that Medicare and Medicaid only cover Nursing Home costs not Assisted Living.

VA Service-Connected Veterans

Veterans who are rated 70% service-connected or higher by the VA do not pay for any of their care at a Wisconsin State Veterans Home or any VA-contracted nursing home.